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The National Security Agency was a United States government intelligence agency and a component of the Department of Defense. It was officially responsible for protecting U.S. government communications systems from harm and collecting communications and signals intelligence on foreign entities. It was an organization responsible for information gathering only.

The NSA was in control of the ECHELON system.

Day 1[]

On Day 1, Robert Ellis was a floating NSA agent stationed in New Orleans. His help was needed by Jack Bauer and David Palmer in order to find the people trying to kill them.

Day 2[]

On Day 2 Roger Stanton, the head of the NSA, turned out to be complicit in the day's events. He was helping the terrorists in order to justify increased defense expenditures. Eric Rayburn was also involved in the NSA. At the beginning of the day, all operations were conducted through NSA. The elite special operations unit Coral Snake was founded by the NSA. The NSA mainly served as a tool by the forces in the government trying to make the terrorist attack succeed.

Day 5[]

During Day 5, Edgar Stiles intercepted NSA chatter that suggested the summit between Presidents Charles Logan and Yuri Suvarov would be attacked.

Later, when White House Chief of Staff Walt Cummings found out CTU was investigating his criminal participation, he convinced President Charles Logan to relieve them from the search of the 20 canisters of Sentox nerve gas and assign the task to NSA.("Day 5: 12:00pm-1:00pm")

Chloe O'Brian also hacked into the NSA in order to obtain the WET list.

Day 8[]

8x13 NSA

The Washington, D.C. office

After CTU New York had been disabled by the use of an EMP, Jack Bauer contacted the NSA to request help in finding the terrorists they were chasing. Several engineers were sent to the building to help replace the servers and get CTU up and running again.

The Rookie[]

Kate Wyman, working at the FBI headquarters in Washington DC uses a satellite reserved by the NSA to help Jason Blaine whilst he was in Mexico City. The NSA had it reserved as a safeguard for the President of the United States' trip to Baghdad.

Background information and notes[]

  • The National Security Agency is located in Maryland, not Washington, D.C.

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