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The United States Navy SEa, Air, and Land Teams commonly known as Navy SEALs is a maritime Special Operations Force who are part of SOCOM (Special Operations COMmand).

Before Day 1[]

Mercenary Ira Gaines received his military training as a Navy SEAL, but was dishonorably discharged.

Day 7[]


Navy SEALs prepare to raid the compound

SEALSandFBIproceed tochoppers

SEALs and FBI personnel proceed to their choppers

SEALaims at Starkwoodguards

A SEAL aims on Starkwood mercenaries

Admiral John Smith had a Navy SEAL squad assist the FBI SWAT team during the raid on the Starkwood Compound in search of the Prion variant bioweapon. However, the building they were given a warrant to search was empty, and they had a standoff with Stokes and dozens of heavily armed Starkwood mercenaries, who told them to withdraw now that they had searched the compound, threatening to fire upon them if they didn't leave. Jonas Hodges also showed up and told them to leave, and also demanded them to release Greg Seaton.

Background information and notes[]

  • Navy SEALs' operations typically include counterterrorism, direct action, reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, counter-insurgency and, in general, underwater military activities.
  • A group of Navy SEALs from San Diego volunteered to act as extras during the compound-raid scene in Season 7, and were accompanied by two SH-60 Seahawk helicopters and their flight crews from Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 21. Producers had asked the Navy for help because they had allowed filming aboard a nuclear submarine homeported at Point Loma Naval Base, California for two days, during the production of Season 5.
  • Dennis Haysbert previously played a Navy SEAL in the 1990 movie "Navy SEALs."

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Production image of SEALs during Season 7 shooting.