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Nazila Rafizadeh was the daughter of Ibrahim Rafizadeh.

Before Veto Power[]

Jack Bauer went undercover as a student at a school that Ibrahim Rafizadeh was a teacher at to try to uncover information about his son, Ramin. He became close to Nazila, and they shared several dinners and went to the movies a few times. Six months before Veto Power Jack and a TAC team raided Ibrahim's house to force him to give information about his son.

Whilst Jack was interrogating Ibrahim, Ryan Chappelle discovered that his son was dead. He told Jack, but Ibrahim was unaware of this, and it caused great controversy and upset within the family, and almost forced the closure of CTU. Nazila resented Jack for his actions.

Veto Power[]

Jack discovered a threat that led back to the family, forcing him to go and warn them. Nazila still hated Jack for what he did, but believed that he did want to help. She went to her father's room and found him missing. Jack began a search for him and realised that he had been kidnapped after being sent to a fake meeting. Jack and Nazila set off to find him, just as Jack discovered that Nazila's brother, Ramin, was still alive. She agreed to take Jack to him if he saved her father.

Jack managed to save her father from some Greater Nation henchman, and she took Jack to Ramin. All three were taken back to CTU, but it was clear that Ramin knew nothing.

Several hours later Jack called on the skills of Ibrahim and Nazila to translate a Farsi poem found at an apartment that Jack went to following a lead. Nazila said that she would translate it if Jack let her and her family go, but soon after she realised that it was a threat to the President of the United States, and told Jack this despite the fact that Ryan Chappelle disallowed them from leaving. They were allowed to leave several hours later, and Nazila thanked Jack for all the work he had done to help her family.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Nazila Rafizadeh: God bless you, Jack.

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