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"Anil's Last Day" is the twenty-second blog post on Network 24. It was posted by Shauna McGarry, on April 13, 2010, at 11:36am CST.

The blog consisted of Anil Kapoor talking about his final days of shooting 24 Season 8.


Anil Kapoor says his goodbyes to the crew, writers and his co-stars on his last day on the 24 set.

  • Anil Kapoor: Yeah it was my last day, but I never really believe in goodbyes. I feel that goodbyes are for when you've not really enjoyed working on something. I really loved working [here] so I want to go happy and I am going with good memories. Today is the last day of shooting. I've learnt a lot, interacted, made new friends, funny anecdotes, funny scenes. In spite of this show being very dramatic as a political thriller the whole atmosphere has been very casual. I am going very happy.

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