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"I'll Count on Chloe" is the third blog post on Network 24. It was posted by Shauna McGarry, January 17, 2010 at 5:00pm CST.

The blog was about the character of Chloe O'Brian.


As a character, Chloe doesn’t get to run around so much. Save for the rare moment, she doesn’t usually have a gun, or a hidden agenda, or disillusioned ideas about right and wrong and American politics. She is loyal to our hero, Jack. She’s the first to suspect foul play in CTU, the first to work out the technology puzzles. Algorhythms and what have you. And she’s had a couple of interesting love triangles. We want Chloe to smile, have a light day, but our interest and delight comes from the knowledge that she’ll never let herself have one. She’s too good, honest, sulky, perpetually annoyed and smart to bow out of the action for too long.

Chloe follows her own moral compass and since her first appearance in Season 3, Chloe has been the audience’s touch-stone character. Someone we can relate to while Jack is out being the star. She’s there at the ready, waiting for Jack’s call. She’s consistent. A character we trust. There aren’t that many of those on “24.” Not to give too much away, but Chloe’s character has some interesting turns this year. I’m excited for all of you to see her journey.

Though not a computer genius, and not nearly as dower, Mary Lynn Rajskub, the actress who plays Chloe O’Brian, is just as dependable as her on-screen alter ego.

She’s a crew favorite, always cracking jokes, and always agreeable. She’s the best there is when it comes to memorizing and performing long dialogue bits of computer, techno-babble. Her on-screen partner, Mykelti Williamson (Brian Hastings), says of her “She’s a free spirit, that’s the way you would describe her as an actress. She’s not rigid, she’s flexible. She can respond and do anything, anything that you would require her to do as a director or a writer.” It’s true. I’ve often heard the writers say as much. They know they can throw Mary Lynn anything and she’ll catch it, and act it with ease and an adorable, incredulous expression that, even after six seasons, never gets old.

Season 8 finds Chloe back at CTU in an official capacity, though slightly demoted. CTU is so technologically advanced, even Chloe is struggling to stay afloat, and her disappointment at her predicament presents some of my favorite moments of the first two episodes… especially when she ends up showing everyone who’s boss.

And what are your favorite Chloe O’Brian moments and lines? Comment below.

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