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"President of the IRK" is the twenty-seventh blog post on Network 24. It was posted by Geoff Aull on April 14, 2010, at 7:39pm CST

The blog was a series video of Anil Kapoor talking about his role on the show.


Anil Kapoor, known previously in America for his role as the game show host in “Slumdog Millionaire,” was an exciting addition to Season 8. In his role as Omar Hassan, President of the Islamic Republic of Kamistan, Anil had to portray a world leader representing a country in turmoil. He’s brought a sincerity and depth to the role that’s helped to make this season’s storyline a compelling one.

He tells us how his brother flew out from India JUST to meet Kiefer!

[video transcript]

  • Anil Kapoor: My family... my brother is a huge fan. He flew all the way out from India just to meet Kiefer. And he was so excited about it. And he met Kiefer and I said, "stay back for a few days". And he said, "I've not come here to see you, I came to see Kiefer!"
  • Geoff Aull: Did you ever imagine you'd be working here, on the show?
  • Shauna McGarry: What was the process of coming to this role?
  • Anil Kapoor: These last few years have been completely unpredictable. I never really had to work towards it. It just happened... without realizing it happened. Suddenly I was shooting for it. I was here for the Oscars, and I was here for the entire award season in Los Angeles and after the Oscars I stayed back for a few days, and in those few days I met some people at Fox and they liked me, and wanted me for the show.

But Anil explains his respect for Kiefer, who is the heart of the cast and crew.

[video transcript]

  • Anil Kapoor: There are certain times when you feel, "Oh God I have to wear the same suit, same shoes, same crew, same people." And that's only been the last six months. He's been doing it eight years. Every day. Completely, completely... man in control. Still edgy, still doing his best. He comes on the set and works as if he is just starting. He is not only concerned about himself, he is concerned about everyone. He wants the whole show to be good. I think the success of the show is the lead - Jack Bauer. 24 is Jack Bauer but still he sees to it that everybody else has equal importance, or more importance some times. There's a scene where takes a back seat and lets the other person take over. And that's the sign of a great human being, a great actor. That's the reason I feel for the success of 24.

This versatile actor has made more than 100 films. How is it different on 24?

[video transcript]

  • Anil Kapoor: The whole atmosphere is very laid back. It works like a machine, but still there is magic created every day. Sometimes I feel the combination of working like a machine, working professionally and everything's on time, and still the creative juices of everyone pouring out. It is so fantastic, and I feel by today's standards this is the way a film should be made. Films could be made like this and still be exciting films, that's what I've learnt from so much professionalism, so much planning; everyone is sure what he or she has to do. It's been great fun, and working with Kiefer was fun

And what’s the best crew lunch on set?

[video transcript]

  • Anil Kapoor: Crew lunch? Crew lunch has always been fish. Fish is fantastic over here. Some fish has been very terrific.

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