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"That (Diamond) Ringing in Your Ears" is the seventeenth blog post on Network 24. It was posted by Shauna McGarry, on March 22, 2010, at 8:21pm CST.

The blog was about explosion on the set of 24.

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The coolest part about working on a show like 24 is getting to go down to set when they’re filming really awesome things. Not to spoil anything, but we’re shooting the Season Finale right now. Today they’re filming a really gnarly scene and I can’t wait to go watch!

When we were filming last week’s episode (Episode 812 “3:00 AM – 4:00 AM”), news spread quickly through the offices that a bomb was going to be set off on Stage A. Soon enough, office workers, writers and a ton of guests went down to the CTU tunnel to watch the action... from a safe distance.

Here’s the Behind the Behind the Scenes Video, introduced by Director’s Assistant, Sabira Khan:

A video shows the crew watching the EMP explosion at CTU.

Notice Episode 12’s director, Nelson McCormick, at the monitors with our Director of Photography, Rodney Charters. And that’s Jeff Cadiente calling the shots to make sure the stunt goes off safely. All the rest are the people that work hard to make the show happen every day.

And if you haven’t seen the actual stunt yet, make sure to watch Episode 12. Soon we’ll have an interview with Prop Master Randy Gunter whose task it was to design the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) Bomb. Not a bad job.

After the main attraction, I headed over to a quieter corner of the stage to have a chat with our On-Set Prop Master Sterling Rush. He walked me through some of the smaller but very important props used by some of our series regulars in CTU.

Prop master Sterling Rush then shows several items from the prop cart, including Brian Hastings' badge, watch, bluetooth headset and "magic wand" (that controls screens and cell phones in CTU). He says that there aren't many guns and background props needed for the scene in hand. He then shows props from Renee Walker's box, which includes her watch, her Glock 19 (her weapon of choice), her holster, walkie talkie, and FBI badge. He shows Dana Walsh's box which has her ID badge, and engagement ring. Rush then says that his job is to show how to use all the props, and the continuity of it.

Must be nice to have a handsome, nice guy running after you all day telling you not to forget your wallet and putting a diamond ring on your finger!

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