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"Who is Jack Bauer?" is the tenth blog post on Network 24. It was posted by Mary Lynn Rajskub, February 9, 2010 at 12:24pm CST

The blog was a video of Mary Lynn Rajskub and John Boyd.

Blog[edit | edit source]

Hi, it’s Mary Lynn. This is a video where John Boyd is talking to me about being in the 24 promo from the premiere.

[video transcript]

  • Mary Lynn Rajskub: You have probably the most famous line you could have on 24. Does it make you feel cool?
  • John Boyd: Yeah it makes me feel cool.
  • MLR: What do you say?
  • JB: I say "who is Jack Bauer?"
  • MLR: ...like you don't know.
  • JB: Yeah.
  • MLR: And that's like a joke for the audience 'cause the audience are like, "oh my God he doesn't know who Jack Bauer is!" right? But you really don't know, does your character?

    John Boyd tries to show what he does at CTU

  • JB: No, I really... do not know.
  • MLR: Because you're just doing your own thing in your world. What is it that you do?
  • JB: I... drive, I fly... I turn [making motions with his hands]
  • MLR: Whoa! I don't like the look of that at all!
  • JB: Like this.
  • MLR: You're DJ at CTU?
  • JB: Yeah, sorta like Arlo on the ones and twos.
  • MLR: Is it really appropriate to be listening to this music while trying to keep the security of this country together?
  • JB: You gotta do what you gotta do.
  • MLR: Are you the mole?
  • JB: [shrugs]
  • MLR: Is there a mole this year?
  • JB: Yeah.
  • MLR: There is?
  • JB: I think so.
  • MLR: Are there terrorists this year?
  • JB: [shrugs]
  • MLR: Hows your experience been on the show so far?
  • JB: It's been good, it's a nice group. [someone shouts]
  • MLR: Oh, I guess they're onto us.
  • JB: I have to go work.
  • MLR: I'm gonna take off my socks.
  • JB: Okay, nice talking to you.
  • MLR: Nice talking to you. Hey... "whose Jack Bauer?" I mean, who doesn't know who Jack Bauer is!?
  • JB: I guess me.
  • MLR: Arlo Glass. Are you named from the guy in This American Life?
  • JB: No my name's not Arlo, its actually Carlo but people just pronounce it wrong.
  • MLR: Oh the show?
  • JB: Yeah.
  • MLR: Weird.

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