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Ngozi was one of General Benjamin Juma's top soldiers in the raid on the White House during Day 7. He was Juma's lead technician and was of key importance in cracking through White House security.

Day 7 Edit

Ngozi led Juma's the infiltration of the White House using schematics from a laptop. As they walked through the building, he monitored surveillance and tried to track President Allison Taylor.

When President Taylor locked herself in the White House's safe room, he tried to deactivate the security key using some electronic equipment provided by Jonas Hodges, but Jack Bauer short-fused the circuit panel from the inside, preventing them from opening it. Ngozi informed Juma that it was now impossible to break it open, prompting Juma to call Jonas Hodges for help.

After Taylor got out, Ngozi prepared a computer with a webcam to transmit a live statement from her through the Internet. The statement, however, was interrupted when Bill Buchanan set off an explosion with the gas canisters inside the safe room. After the explosion, Juma told Ngozi to go kill the hostages. He went but was shot dead by Jack Bauer.

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