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This article's subject relates to Season 8 of 24.

Nick Coughlin was a friend of Kevin Wade during Day 8. They met in Beaumont. Nick had spent time in jail for robbery and attempted murder.

Day 8[]

Nick was invited over to the apartment of Dana Walsh by Kevin and was there when she arrived. He sat on the couch and nonchalantly watched as Kevin abused and blackmailed Dana. Soon he prepared with Kevin to raid a police evidence location as part of Dana's illicit deal to pay off Kevin. He armed himself as they drove to the spot.

At the evidence warehouse, Nick grew greedy and coerced Kevin into stealing more loot. They trashed the area and were still present when patrolman Chiarella arrived on guard duty. When the officer called in the emergency, Nick beat him severely. The two escaped and went to a club to celebrate. As they partied with some strippers, Nick noticed that Kevin received a call from Dana. When he overheard that she was trying to convince him to leave her alone, Nick hung up the phone on her and told Kevin to not let her go.

At 12:00am, Kevin and Nick left the club with two strippers and went to Eastwick Park. However, after drinking and smoking, the strippers left telling them that Nick was "a freak show". They then remained in the van getting high. Shortly before 1am, Cole Ortiz approached the van and threatened them at gunpoint to leave Dana alone. Kevin agreed to, but after Cole and Dana went away, Nick pulled out a gun and was about to get out to kill them. When Kevin tried to convince him not to, Nick stabbed him in the stomach for caving in to pressure from Cole. As he attempted to sneak up behind Cole, Kevin called out to Dana to warn her. As Nick began shooting at Cole and Dana, Cole brought Dana to cover behind the CTU vehicle. He then used the shotgun he took from their van and shot Nick in the chest, killing him. Then Cole and Dana dumped Kevin and Nick's bodies in the swamp.

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