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Nicole was a member of Habib Marwan's terrorist cell in Day 4.

Day 4[]

Having established a romantic relationship with married Air Force pilot John Hansen, the pair were in a hotel room during Day 4 and had just finished having sex when her phone rang. She answered it and passed the phone to John because it was his wife, Dorrie, who informed John that she and their kids were being held at gunpoint. John looked up and saw that Nicole was pointing a gun at him. She ordered him to get dressed and held him hostage until Mitch Anderson arrived.

Later, she was ordered by Habib Marwan to go to Anderson's apartment to recover an incriminating hard drive hidden by Aziz which the government would soon have its hands on. There, she briefly encountered FBI Agent Drake and killed her. Later, she posed as Agent Drake when Jack Bauer and CTU agent Hart arrived. She was with Hart when he found the file and silently killed him with a knife while Jack was in another room. Jack grew suspicious, saw the dead body, and engaged in a shootout with Nicole. She took cover behind a wall, but Jack simply shot through it, killing her.

Background information and notes[]

  • Nicole is one of only five women to be killed on-screen by Jack Bauer (the others being Nina Myers, Dana Walsh, a Russian spy and Margot Al-Harazi).
  • In her first episode, she tells Hansen she doesn't ask details of her assignments in order to stay alive. But this seems to be contradicted by the fact that she remained in direct contact with Marwan, the mastermind himself.

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