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Nicole Carter, officially living under the witness protection name Natalie Cooper, was the wife of U.S. Army Ranger Eric Carter.

Before the mission to capture Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, Carter gave a message to his teammate Stewart, to give to Nicole in case he didn't make it back. (The Raid)

On the morning of Day 10, Nicole was showering ready for work when Eric came in and told her about his morning. He noticed that she had started taking contraceptive medication again, and she explained that she didn't think he was ready to start a family. A short while later Eric got a call from Ben Grimes saying that the other members of their team had been targeted, and Nicole tried to calm Eric down. However, at that moment a van pulled up outside their house and Eric told Nicole to hide in the attic.

While hiding, Nicole heard Eric being tortured by Rashid Al-Sabi. She dropped a mirror out of the attic window as a distraction and ran to the safe, finding Eric's gun and killing a a hostile with it. Eric then took her to the car and they drove away. Eric took her to his brother Isaac's gang, where Eric kept her in his house for her protection. While there, Nicole confided in Issac that she had noticed Eric acting differently since he returned from the mission. She initially thought it was PTSD, but after seeing Eric kill the hostiles in her home, she believed that Eric missed the violence of the battlefield. ("Day 10: 12:00pm-1:00pm")

Due to her past history with Issac before she settled with Eric, Nicole was treated in a hostile manner by Isaac's girlfriend Aisha. ("Day 10: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

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