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The Night Rangers Motorcycle Club was a crime syndicate based in the town Deadline. The organization consists primarily of bikers and was led by Benjamin Rydell.

Before Deadline Edit

The Night Rangers originally started as a typical club, but used Deadline as a means to engage in illegal activities. After taking over abandoned military base Fort Blake, the Night Rangers used the facility to build a meth lab. The MC also dealt with human trafficking and prostitution, where they frequently gathered dozens of civilians looking for work onto a bus and either forced them to cook methamphetamine or turned them into dancers for their strip club, The Crankcase.

Deadline Edit

Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds first made contact with the group the night after Day 8 while waiting for a freight train that would take them to Los Angeles. Bauer spotted a woman named Laurel Tenn being harassed by Brodur and killed him. Knowing several others were in danger, Jack and Chase interrogated Dino and found out about the club's organization. Afterwards, the two traveled to the Crankcase posing as mobsters so they could meet with Sammy. Jack and Chase killed Sammy, along with several other bikers, and burned the club down.

With the club destroyed, the two men attacked Fort Blake next and set the place on fire as well. Although they succeeded in blowing up the drug lab and killing many more bikers, Chase was kidnapped and later killed by Rydell. Jack went after Rydell himself and eventually killed him, alongside a majority of the remaining bikers. With Rydell and most of the bikers dead, and with Fort Blake and the Crankcase in ruins, the remaining survivors fled, and the MC disbanded. (Deadline)

Members Edit

Benjamin Rydell - boss of the MC

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