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Nikolai was a Russian intelligence agent active within the United States during the events of Day 6. He hired lobbyist Mark Bishop to leak intelligence from the White House to the Russians.

Day 6 Edit

During the events of Day 6, a Chinese agent came into possession of an FB subcircuit board from one of the recently recovered Russian suitcase nukes. Russian President Yuri Suvarov was informed about the situation through Nikolai, and he threatened to deploy his men into a US military base in Central Asia, if Cheng Zhi successfully smuggled the component out of the United States. Since only selected White House officials and CTU personnel knew about the situation, Tom Lennox theorized there was a spy for the Russians.

Nikolai received his information from a man named Mark Bishop, a lobbyist. Bishop had a sexual relationship with Lisa Miller, a chief aide to Vice President Noah Daniels, who took the duties of the President when President Wayne Palmer collapsed into a comatose state. When Lisa took a quick shower, Mark uploaded information from her PDA to Nikolai. When Nikolai asked if Lisa was suspicious of him, Mark claimed that she had no idea he was selling secrets to the Russians.

Vice President Daniels later played for Lisa Miller the recording of a conversation between Nikolai (a "known Russian intelligence agent") and Bishop. This conversation took place after Miller left Bishop's apartment. Miller had no idea her lover was selling state secrets to the Russians.

Background information and notesEdit

  • Though he remains unnamed in the episode, Nikolai's name is given in the episode summary.

Live appearancesEdit

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