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This is a production article written from an out-of-universe perspective

Several reference books about 24 have been released. These typically include episode guides and behind-the-scenes trivia. Jon Cassar's photography book, however, captures unscripted moments with the cast and crew.

For works of fiction set in the show's universe, see fiction books or comics.

Reference books[]

Cover Title Author Publication Date Publisher
24UnofficialGuide.jpg 24: The Unofficial Guide Jim Sangster July 25, 2002 Contender Books
Written and published in the United Kingdom. 24: The Unofficial Guide contains detailed episode guides, a full-season body count, and profiles of the cast and crew.
ADayintheLife.jpg A Day in the Life Keith Topping March 20, 2003 Telos Publishing
Written and published in the United Kingdom. A detailed episode guide that notes trivia and inconsistencies.
24s2UnofficialGuide.jpg 24 Season 2: The Unofficial Guide Mark Wright May 27, 2003 Contender Books
Written and published in the United Kingdom. 24 Season 2: The Unofficial Guide contains detailed episode guides and reviews, interviews with Dennis Haysbert and Leslie Hope, a full-season body count, fashion (costuming) criticism, profiles of the cast and crew, a list of awards up to the date of publication, and a drinking game.
OfficialCompanion.jpg 24: The Official Companion: Seasons 1 & 2 Tara DiLullo August 25, 2006 Titan Books
Published by the same company as 24: The Official Magazine, this is the fourth book to go behind the scenes of Season 1 and Season 2. It contains brief episode recaps, new color pictures and exclusive new interviews with the cast and crew.
JackBauerBadDay.jpg 24: Jack Bauer's Having a Bad Day Tim Wesemann October 1, 2006 Life Journey
From the official description: The popular TV show 24 follows counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer in a real-time drama in which each episode is an hour out of a twenty-four-hour day. In this groundbreaking series, the entire twenty-four-episode season equals one day in real-time. Each chapter in Jack Bauer's Having a Bad Day presents an episode from the first season along with an unexpected faith truth. Using the vivid, powerful drama of a specific scene from each episode the book engages the reader to explore the truth of God relative to core spiritual concepts of faith and apply their findings to events in the very real time of our days.
BehindtheScenes.jpg 24: Behind the Scenes Jon Cassar October 24, 2006 Insight Editions
From the back cover: Jon Cassar, Director/Co-Executive Producer of Fox’s 24, turns his filmmaker’s eye behind the scenes of the first five seasons of this hit series. He captures unscripted moments with the 24 cast and crew, including the show’s star Kiefer Sutherland, as well as many other well-known celebrity guests who have graced the screen of one of the most highly acclaimed and often controversial shows on television. Jon Cassar’s photography is accompanied by photographs from other members of the 24 family including Rodney Charters, Jay Herron, Michael Klick, Bruce Margolis, David St. Onge and Isabella Vosmikova.

Here you will be able to see moments behind the scenes on the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) set and remote location shooting as well as the planned explosions of bombs and spontaneous laughter accompanied by candid, firsthand, never-before-told stories of relationships, lifelong friendships, mishaps and mayhem developed over five seasons and more than one hundred episodes that make the magic that is 24.

Reading24.jpg Reading 24: TV Against the Clock Steven Peacock March 6, 2007 I.B. Tauris
From the official description: "Reading '24'" is the first book to bring together critical discussions of "24" from a wide range of perspectives. Entertaining and illuminating, the book looks in detail at the creative and controversial features of "24". It considers, for example, "24"'s stylistic innovations, its engagement post 9/11 with the 'War on Terror', and its masking of identities.
OfficialCompanion3&4.jpg 24: The Official Companion: Seasons 3 & 4 Tara DiLullo May 8, 2007 Titan Books
From the official description: Now, for the first time, "24's" legions of fans can go behind the scenes of this unique show, with this series of full colour official guides. The third and fourth seasons are celebrated here, with in-depth episode breakdowns, unseen pictures and exclusive new interviews with the cast and crew.
OfficialCompanion5.jpg 24: The Official Companion: Season 5 Tara DiLullo November 6, 2007 Titan Books
From the official description: Over the past five seasons, millions of viewers have avidly followed Jack Bauer's adventures, as the seconds tick by on the heady mixture of personal and political intrigue that makes 24 television's most intense and suspenseful drama. Go behind the scenes of this unique show with a full colour official guide to the fifth season. In addition to episode breakdowns, unseen pictures and interviews with the cast and crew, this companion features an in memoriam section, a presidential profile, plus in-depth sections on the Emmy-award winning production departments.
24philosophy.jpg 24 and Philosophy: The World According to Jack Jennifer Hart Weed, Richard Brian Davis
and Ronald Weed
November 11, 2007 Blackwell Publishing
From the official description: The Los Angeles Counter-Terrorism Unit (CTU) is on high alert now that 24 and Philosophy has been released to the public. Better hold your breath as such dangerous philosophers as Aristotle, Hobbes, Kant and Nietzsche infiltrate the CTU. Join them as they investigate Jack Bauer, asking the big questions of philosophy.
Secretsof24.jpg Secrets of 24: The Unauthorized Guide to the
Political & Moral Issues Behind TV’s Most Riveting Drama
Dan Burstein, Arne J. de Keijzer December 1, 2007 Sterling
From the official description: Secrets of 24 uses this blockbuster series as a jumping off point to pursue real big think issues of relevance for our time. An analysis of plotlines is accompanied by a collection of original interviews and commissioned essays from leading political figures, cultural commentators, celebrities, and experts on technology, security, and terroism with carefully selected and anthologised op-eds and essays.
OfficialCompanion6.jpg 24: The Official Companion: Season 6 Tara DiLullo February 26, 2008 Titan Books
From the official description: In addition to episode breakdowns, unseen pictures and interviews with the cast and crew this companion features in-depth interviews with Kiefer Sutherland and Mary-Lynn Rajskub, plus an exclusive look behind the scenes, including "24's" show-stopping stunts. This official guide to season six also includes an exclusive DVD with interviews with the show's producers, an exploration of the stunts and an interview panel featuring Kiefer Sutherland!
Jackpres.jpg Jack Bauer for President: Terrorism and Politics in 24 Richard Miniter March 1, 2008 BenBella Books
From the official description: This collection of essays sheds some light on the underlying issues in 24, one of the most gripping, dramatic, and addictive shows on television. With contributors drawn from fields including philosophy, psychology, political science, and counterterrorism, the essays reflect, distort, and comment on our modern political landscape. Using our current political climate to enrich viewers’ experience of 24, this book addresses how much of the show is realistic and what it has to say about modern politics and foreign policy in America’s fight against terrorism. Essays look at issues including the show’s images of terrorism, the ethics and effectiveness of the characters’ counterterrorism practices, the portrayal of government and politics on the show, whether it takes a terrorist to fight a terrorist, how much "the people" have a right to know in life-threatening circumstances, and how effective we really want our heroes to be.
24 Cover 2.jpg 24: Terrorism Through Television Rich Jepson February 28, 2009 Rich Jepson
From the official description: Terrorism is arguably the biggest threat facing the world today. The politics of fear, the intimidation of homeland security and the disguise of foreign enemies are all issues, which play on the minds of citizens within the western world. As with every problem facing a society the issues surrounding the subject have been visualised within our entertainment industries for our pleasure and understanding. The films we watch, television shows we tune into and the music we listen to have all reflected our fears and anger towards the course of terror. One programme, more than any other, has been at the frontline of America’s echoed uncertainties and thirst for understanding and that show is called 24 Inside 24 Terrorism Through Television you will discover how the groundbreaking series has uncovered many truths about terrorist activity and how the actions of Jack Bauer and CTU parallel the real world.
TaoOfJackBauer.jpg The Tao of Jack Bauer: What Our Favorite Terrorist Buster Says About Life, Love, Torture, and Saving the World 24 Times in 24 Hours With No Lunch Break Steven Keslowitz March 7, 2009 iUniverse
From the official description: As the preeminent post-9/11 television thriller, 24' has addressed critical issues relating to striking the proper balance between maintaining our civil liberties and ensuring our national security. The show continues to have a profound impact on the way in which we view the world. The Tao of Jack Bauer is an insightful study of Jack Bauer's influence in society. What does Jack Bauer teach us about torture? Does 24 glorify torture or does the series take a more nuanced approach to the issue? How can we maintain our civil liberties in the age of terrorism? How can we best fight terrorists while maintaining our core values? Is Jack Bauer a lawbreaker or a lawmaker? How do we analyze the countless moral and ethical dilemmas presented on 24? What is the "Jack Bauer effect"? How do government agents make use of technology to fight terrorism?

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