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Nordhoff garage was a parking garage located at the corner of Nordhoff and Willingham.

During Day 1, after Andre Drazen threatened to rescind his payment to Ira Gaines, Kevin Carroll called Ted Cofell to arrange a meeting at the Nordhoff garage, concerning a matter that could not wait. Ted Cofell informed his limo driver, who was Jack Bauer, of the meeting.

Later when Jack had kidnapped Cofell and could not get any information from him, he drove the limousine to the garage to wait for Kevin. However Cofell drew a knife, and tried to stab Bauer, but Jack disarmed him and triggered a heart attack. Cofell refused his heart medication, spending his last seconds before death cursing Jack in Serbian.

Distraught at his lack of leads, Jack called Nina and asked her to investigate Cofell's background as well as a mission he had carried out in the Balkans. He then pulled himself together, arranging Cofell's body in the back seat to fool Kevin.

When Kevin arrived, he got into the limousine before before confronted by Jack. After Kevin tried to shoot him, Jack then drove around the garage before braking sharply and throwing Kevin into the glass partition, knocking him out. Jack then tied Kevin up in his own car and threatened to torture him. Kevin agreed to lead Jack to his family in exchange for his freedom, and Jack drove out of the garage towards his family's location. ("Day 1: 10:00am-11:00am")

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