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This article's subject relates to Season 2 of 24.

Norton Airfield was an airfield in Los Angeles, California.

Day 2[]


Marie Warner and Omar finish setting the nuclear bomb

During Day 2, the plane that was transporting the nuclear bomb was set to take off from this airfield. Omar met there with Marie Warner, who arrived shortly before 8:00pm. They then finished preparing the bomb. ("7:00pm-8:00pm")

2x13 Norton Airfield map

A map of the airfield

After Jack Bauer got the location of the nuclear bomb from Syed Ali, he and his team travelled to the airfield, and Marie spotted the police presence as she was about to leave. Jack set up in one of the airport's buildings, meeting with Steve Goodrich and briefing the CTU agents to start searching the airport. Military footprints were spotted in one of the outbuildings, and Jack led a team inside, finding the dead members of Coral Snake unit who were tracking the bomb. At 8:45pm, CTU narrowed down the bomb's location to Hangar MD7, and two CTU Humvees rushed there as Omar prepared to take off in a plane. Jack drove alongside him and shot his wheel, stopping the plane and recovering the bomb. However, as the NEST team inspected it, they discovered it was a decoy and the real bomb was somewhere else. ("8:00pm-9:00pm")

Jack interrogated Omar in one of the hangars but was unable to extract the location of the bomb. Kate Warner then spotted her sister entering a secure area, and followed her outside and confronted her. Jack arrived and took Marie into custody, before transporting her inside and questioning her. He eventually learned that the bomb was still somewhere on site. CTU found the bomb in a truck on the edge of the airfield and shot a Second Wave member who was guarding it. ("9:00pm-10:00pm")

The bomb was transported to a hangar and the NEST teams inspected it, determining that it could not be defused. Jack decided to fly the bomb away from Los Angeles, and Steve Goodrich found a Cessna Caravan that could be used to transport the bomb. George Mason offered to pilot the plane but Jack refused; however, George stowed away on board secretly. Jack then flew the plane away from the airfield and into middle of the Mojave Desert to detonate it in a safe place. ("10:00pm-11:00pm")