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4x09 San Gabriel Island

San Gabriel Island power plant

Nuclear power is any nuclear technology designed to extract usable energy from atomic nuclei via controlled nuclear reactions.

Day 4[]

Curtis Manning briefed the office on the nuclear power plant threat. He said that the terrorists were planning to convert all 104 of them into weapons. Edgar Stiles said that if they could not shut down the cooling system, the radiation would spread throughout the plant. Within three hours, the population ten miles from the plant would start receiving radiation. Curtis gave a casualty count minimum of 7.8 million people. He also said that a 30 mile radius of the plant would be uninhabitable for at least 5 years.

Edgar noticed that he got a piece of the Dobson Override. He explained to Curtis that he might be able to turn off the override and stop the plants. But, he said that N.R.C. won't ever let him. He said that if he messes up, he can start a chain reaction.

Edgar sent some codes. He then watched for the plants to shut down. The actions took a while, but eventually the images turned green, meaning that the plants had shut down. Edgar went back to his computer and notified everyone that six of the reactors were immune to his kill sequence. Those six would melt down. They had to either find the override, or the country would face a nuclear holocaust.

Curtis Manning warned everyone that the casualty projections could reach as high as “450,000 in the first twenty four hours with long range estimates in the low millions and that’s not taking into account the resulting cancers and birth defects.” Erin Driscoll said that they would have to find the override device to regain control. Keeler ordered the evacuation of the six cities within range of the plants.

The San Gabriel Island plant melted down and there were many casualties including Lucy Stiles; Edgar's mother. However, none of the other plants melted down.