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Agent Ocho was an FBI counter terrorism agent during Day 3 of The Rookie.

The Rookie[]

Ocho was working with another FBI agent in an undercover van, disguised as a food delivery company, near the Plaza Santo Domingo at the request of Jason Blaine. They were sent by Kate Wyman with an outdoor munitions package and Jason prepared a gun in their van whilst the two agents surveyed Javier Medina who Jason had been tasked to save.

Jason set off on his mission, but Ocho soon informed him that Salazar's men had arrived. A precipitated event, Jason told Ocho to go ahead with the plan. He pressed a button at his computer screen and a water pipe blew in the Plaza Santo Domingo. Stirred by the events, Salazar's men did not see Jason approaching Medina. The agent set off a bomb to confuse the Mexicans, and whisked Medina away to the FBI van before they knew what had happened. Ocho helped Jason get Medina into the van before they drove away.

Background information and notes[]

  • Ocho is played by Chad Johnson, spokesperson for Degree Men, which was the sponsor of The Rookie.
  • "Ocho" is Spanish for number eight (#8). At the time The Rookie was released, Johnson had officially changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco (#85), the number he wore in the NFL.

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