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The Okavango School was an American sponsored school in Sangala, Africa, prior to and during the events of Redemption.


The Okavango School, known locally as "the American school", was founded by Carl Benton. It was supported by Jack Bauer (who was avoiding a federal subpoena), Charles Solenz (a United Nations worker), and Thomas (one of the older local boys). Among the students who attended were the two brothers Willie and Desmond, as well as James, Russell, and ten others.

Before 5pm, rebel general Benjamin Juma prepared for a military coup by sending his men to capture and brainwash young boys to serve as cannon fodder. Youssou Dubaku and his subordinates—following orders from Juma's colonel and Youssou's brother Iké—attacked the school and went to capture the neighborhood boys. Jack Bauer, with help from Benton, wiped out the rebels and evacuated the children.

As they fled, Benton expressed that the school was merely a collection of wood, and all that mattered to him was the safety of the boys.