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Oleg Bazhaev was the son of mob boss Sergei Bazhaev and Anna Ivanovna, and the younger brother of Josef Bazhaev. His wife and child outlived him.

Day 8[]

Oleg was transporting the nuclear rods that were to be sold to Farhad Hassan by his father Sergei when he got careless, and ended up getting radioactive poisoning. Sergei used his dying son as proof to Farhad that the rods were indeed in the United States.

At first, Sergei refused to let his son have medical treatment for fear that he would lead the authorities straight to him. Josef convinced him to at least take him to a country house where someone would look after him. On the road, Josef deviated from this plan, and took him to a clinic where he knew a doctor, and already had men in place to threaten his family.

At the clinic, Oleg was treated by Dr. Levine until some of Sergei's men raided the location and killed three of the medical staff, including Dr. Levine. At gunpoint, Josef was forced to surrender his weapon and he and Oleg were taken back to the restaurant. Knowing his son was dying and enraged by Josef's disobedience, he shot Oleg twice in the chest and then kissed Josef on the cheek, warning him to never ignore his orders again.

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