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Oleg Malenov was the leader of the Russian terrorists that CTU contended with during Cold Warriors. He was active during World War II and was known as the Soviet Union's most ruthless and psychotic black ops commander. Before the collapse of the USSR his own government tried to have him assassinated on more than one occasion.

Before Cold Warriors Edit

Oleg fought against United States Delta Force in Afghanistan where he beheaded Sergeant Buchanan, a member of Jack Bauer's elite team. He fed the agent's body to dogs.

With the help of a mole within the United States government, Malenov learnt that some top secret communications software capable of bringing down wireless communications was being transported to Station 1217 in Langston, Alaska. He and his team raided the compound and stole the software.

Cold Warriors Edit

Oleg and his men infiltrated the station and met with Randy Bishop, their mole within the government. He helped them to access the communications room and input the virus to take down wireless communication. However Dimitri, one of Oleg's men, informed him that several of their men had been killed by an infiltrating team. Oleg went to deal with the problem, but found more than he could handle in the form of Jack Bauer, who he recognized from Jack's team in Delta Force.

Oleg and his men fled in a snow cat, but Jack and Amy Seelaki pursued them. Jack took out all members of Oleg's team, then beheaded Oleg as he had done to Jack's team member.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • Oleg Malenov: The haunts of past war.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Malenov had a scar across his right eye that vanished in certain frames of the comic.

Live appearancesEdit