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Omar was a Second Wave terrorist active during Day 2.

Day 2[]

Omar rode with Basheer and Marko Khatami as they transported the nuclear weapon to Norton Airfield ("9:00am-10:00am").

During the ride down Sarah Street, a tire blew out and the three were assisted by a pool repair man. At one point, Marko pulled the van over, having decided not to participate in the mission any longer. After Basheer and Marko killed one another over this, Omar remained and continued driving the van.


He arrived at a hangar in the airfield and Marie Warner rendezvoused with him there. They installed the trigger and a third terrorist loaded it onto a plane, which Omar planned to fly over LA as it detonated. When Marie noticed that the authorities had found them at the airfield Omar took the plane out and attempted to take off. Jack Bauer shot out the landing gear and injured Omar, stopping him. The device he was carrying with him was revealed to be a decoy.

With Kate Warner, then Melinda Kale acting as translators, Jack learned that Omar worked for Syed Ali because his family was promised money. Omar did not know he was going to fly with a decoy, and as such could not shed light on the real bomb's location. Jack left Omar in custody with Melinda to translate. The actual bomb was discovered later in a van being defended by the third terrorist who had been in the hangar with Marie.

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