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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

Omar was a terrorist working undercover for Abu Fayed during Day 6. He was a mole pretending to work for Hamri Al-Assad's nonviolent reformation movement, but had been secretly feeding information to Fayed.

Day 6[]

Omar was planted among Hamri Al-Assad and his four men with a tracking device by Fayed. When Fayed agreed to trade Assad's location for Jack Bauer, he gave President Wayne Palmer and the U.S. military the ability to find Assad through Omar's device.

Before the two attack helicopters blew up Assad's building, Jack confronted Assad, told him of the immediate danger on account of a traitor in the room, and surrendered his weapon to demonstrate his honesty. Instead of emptying his pockets like the others, Omar turned to flee. He was stopped and one of Assad's men found the tracking device. Jack and Assad fled with Omar; the other four men who stayed behind to secure computer files were killed in the blast.

Jack Assad stand off

Seen during the stand-off between Bauer and Assad

Omar was stabbed in the shoulder by Jack during the subsequent interrogation session, but Jack relented because he believed, by looking into Omar's eyes, that Omar would not give up any secrets. Assad felt differently and stabbed Omar in the knee. After Omar gave up Fayed's location, Assad — although he respected Omar's convictions — killed him for taking the wrong path. As Omar died, Assad called him Shahid, Arabic for "martyr".

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