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This article's subject relates to Season 8 of 24.

Omar Hassan's pen was a pen given to President Allison Taylor on Day 8 by Dalia Hassan. It was a pen that Omar Hassan had made to give to President Taylor for the signing of their historic peace treaty, and Dalia felt that Omar would have wanted Taylor to have it after his death.

Day 8[edit | edit source]

At around 2:15pm, Dalia approached Taylor and gave the pen to her. She explained that it was Omar's intentions to give it to her personally. The pen came in a black box with an Arabic inscription ("جميع الأديان، وجميع هذه الأغاني. أغنية واحدة. السلام عليكم.") that Omar Hassan would often quote from Rumi when talking about the political and cultural goals he was trying to achieve with Taylor. An English translation is:

All religions, all this singing. One song. Peace be with you.

President Taylor was very moved by this and graciously told Dalia that she felt honored. Dalia thanked Taylor for helping them all to do justice to Hassan's memory. Dalia kissed Taylor on the cheek and she left.

Later, Taylor looked at the pen while thinking about what to do with regards to Yuri Suvarov's involvement in Hassan's death. When it came time to sign the peace treaty, the box with the pen in was at the podium. After Suvarov and Dalia had signed, Taylor approached the podium and looked at the pen. Unscrewing the lid, she considered the treaty and eventually decided not to sign. She screwed the lid back on and announced to the press and everyone present that the treaty was corrupted and she would give a full statement within the hour.

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