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This is a list of kills made by Eric Carter that were shown on-screen.

There are a few requirements for a death to be a confirmed kill:

  1. Eric must be the one who causes the death.
  2. The death must be confirmed with video evidence.
  3. Eric must cause death, not just serious injury.
  4. The death must have occurred on the TV show or its prequel; kills from 24 novels, comics and games are not included.
Number of kills by day
Day Kills Total
The Raid 4 4
10 15 19

There are 19 kills in total.

The Raid[]

Picture Total Name Method Time
Raid Carter kill 1.jpg 1 Bin-Khalid soldier #1 Colt M4A1 2:57am
After the door to Bin-Khalid's compound was breached, Carter entered and shot this soldier.
Raid Carter kill 2.jpg 2 Bin-Khalid soldier #2 Colt M4A1 2:57am
A shot from another Ranger threw this soldier to the ground, before Carter finished him off at close range and threw his weapon away from the body.
Raid Carter kill 3.jpg 3 Bin-Khalid soldier #3 Glock pistol 2:57am
This soldier ran at Carter with a grenade, but Carter drew his pistol and killed him, kicking the grenade safely out of the way.
Raid Carter kill 4.jpg 4 Bin-Khalid soldier #4 Glock pistol 2:57am
After a grenade from another Ranger blasted this soldier to the floor, Carter finished him off with a close range pistol shot.

Day 10[]

Picture Season Total Overall Total Name Method Time
10x01 OSK1.jpg 1 5 Rashid Al-Sabi Astra 400 12:18pm
Eric briefly struggled with Rashid before shooting him with his own gun.
10x01 OSK2.jpg 2 6 Jihadi 1 Astra 400 12:18pm
Shot through a glass door before he had the chance to kill Nicole.
10x01 OSK3.jpg 3 7 Jihadi 2 Beretta M9A3 12:57pm
At a construction site, Eric shot the wires holding up a very large section of concrete pipe, using it as cover to get close to this jihadi as it fell to the ground and rolled down a hill.
10x01 OSK4.jpg 4 8 Jihadi 3 Concrete pipe 12:57pm
The concrete pipe then rolled over this jihadi, crushing him.
10x01 OSK5.jpg 5 9 Malik Al-Sabi Rebar 12:57pm
Fought Malik hand-to-hand before grabbing a piece of rebar and impaling him in the chest.
10x03 OSK.jpg 6 10 Jihadi 4 Beretta M9A3 2:57pm
Eric shot and killed this jihadi while chasing Ben Grimes in the metro station.
10x05 OSK 1.jpg 7 11 Ferro HK VP9 4:57pm
Eric shot and killed Ferro after breaking his cover at Gabriel's warehouse.
10x05 OSK 2.jpg 8 12 Gabriel's henchman HK VP9 4:57pm
Shot one of Gabriel's men in the warehouse.
10x05 OSK 3.jpg 9 13 Gabriel's henchman HK VP9 4:57pm
Shot another of Gabriel's men in the warehouse.
10x05 OSK 4.jpg 10 14 Gabriel's henchman HK VP9 4:58pm
Shot another of Gabriel's men in the warehouse.
10x09 OSK.jpg 11 15 Juliana Mehmeti Pistol 8:17pm
Eric shot and killed Mehmeti in Jennifer Marshall's home.
10x10 Jadalla dead.jpg 12 16 Jadalla Bin-Khalid DRD Tactical Paratus-SBR-12 9:57pm
Eric shot and killed Jadalla when he tried to execute Rebecca by burning her at an abandoned football stadium.
10x12 OSK1.jpg 13 17 Almeida's operative #1 Pistol 11:02pm
Eric shot and killed this mercenary when he was about to go in the farmhouse.
10x12 OSK2.jpg 14 18 Almeida's operative #2 Pistol 11:04pm
When Tony breached the building, Eric shot and killed this mercenary coming in the front door.
10x12 OSK3.jpg 15 19 Ibrahim Bin-Khalid Beretta M9A3 11:37pm
After Bin-Khalid killed Naseri and fatally wounded Rebecca, Eric shot and finally killed him in the hideout.

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