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Open-Cell.org as of April 2014

Open-Cell.org is a viral-marketing 24 site launched by Fox in advance of the premiere of 24: Live Another Day. The site was first referenced in an April 11, 2014 File:Chloe "Jack Bauer Is Not A Terrorist" 24 LIVE ANOTHER DAY FOX BROADCASTINGTV spot in which Chloe O'Brian tells viewers that Jack Bauer is innocent and directs them to "get the truth" at the site's URL. It purports to be the official web presence of Open Cell, a hacker group devoted to uncovering government misdeeds.


CIA Agent in Custody Commits Suicide

OC Post 1.jpg

Washington Daily Chronicle


LANGLEY, VIRGINIA – A high level CIA Operations Officer, Adam Morgan, was found dead in an apparent suicide yesterday. Morgan was a respected agent, but was recently disgraced after being indicted for selling state secrets to the Russian Federation. He was being held in protective custody at the time.

Controversy has surrounded this case from the outset. Court records released today indicate that federal prosecutors were seeking treason charges and a maximum sentence of life in prison. Morgan pleaded innocent to the charges and vehemently denied his involvement. Representatives for the CIA declined to comment. Morgan is survived by his wife, Kate Morgan, who lives in London.

Leaked White House Schedule of Heller's London Trip

OC Post 2.jpg

32nd President of the United States Visit to London

08:00 THE PRESIDENT has Breakfast
10:00 THE PRESIDENT National Security Briefing Willoughby House, London
10:55 THE PRESIDENT and Mrs. Boudreau Depart Willoughby House
en route to the Office of the Prime Minister (approx. 8 minutes drive time)
11:00 THE PRESIDENT attends European Union Economic Briefing
10 Downing Street, London
13:30 THE PRESIDENT attends Welcome Reception with Prime Minister Davies
Foreign & Commonwealth Office, King Charles Street, London
15:00 THE PRESIDENT attends High Tea
10 Downing Street, London
16:15 THE PRESIDENT Departs 10 Downing Street
en route to Westminster Abbey (approx. 15 minute drive time)
16:30 THE PRESIDENT tours Westminster Abbey
16:50 THE PRESIDENT Departs Westminster Abbey
en route to Willoughby House (approx. 10 minute drive time)
17:00 THE PRESIDENT has dinner Willoughby House, London

American Hero Wanted For Treason

OC Post 3.jpg

U.S. President Causes Uproar in London

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Our Mission Statement

Dear Readers,

I’d like to personally thank you for your ongoing support. We’ve come under attack recently by governments around the world. Our workers and their families have been threatened for one reason – we publish the truth.

Our mission here at Open Cell is simple – to lay bare the secrets of the world’s governments and empower its citizens to take back control. We encourage those with access to information to come forward and join our cause. Through the use of our proprietary encrypted network and messaging system, we offer complete and unquestioned anonymity.

Please join our cause. Keep reading and seeking the truth.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Cross

CIA In Worldwide Manhunt

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