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This article's subject relates to the Indian season 1.
This article covers characters and concepts from the Indian adaptation of 24.

Operation Trishul was a covert mission authorized by Prime Minister Pratap Singhania to assassinate the LTFE leader Ravindran in his base in Tamil Nadu.

Ten years before Day 1, the LTFE were creating tension in Sri Lanka, so the Indian government sent a task force to end the organization. However, they brutally killed every member of the team sent, and so in response, Prime Minister Singhania recruited Jai Singh Rathod to lead a secret mission to their base in the jungles of Tamil Nadu. The mission was kept secret to allow the Sri Lankan government to claim credit for its success.

However, Ravindran had undergone plastic surgery and used a body double, and was posing as a cook at the hideout. Jai and his men attacked, and a grenade detonated which killed the body double as well as Ravindran's wife and son. Ravindran himself was arrested, along with LTFE lieutenant Aravind Bala Muruga, and they were both imprisoned by the Indian Government.

Several members of the LTFE managed to escape, and retaliated by assassinating Pratap. On Day 1, Raja Talapathi and Bala Ravindran organised a second revenge operation, attempting to kill Jai as well as Pratap's son Aditya Singhania.

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