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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Oriol was the father of Sergio and Claudia Hernandez and worked as a farmhand for the Salazar brothers. He disapproved of Claudia's relationship with Hector Salazar, but would not say so to Hector's face.

Day 3[]

At Hector's instruction, Oriol directed the destruction of the corpses of people slain by Cordilla virus infections. Claudia argued with Hector about the kind of work he was giving her father.

Later, Claudia approached Oriol and told him to disable Hector's truck and be ready to leave the base. Oriol escaped with Claudia, Sergio and Chase Edmunds. During the escape, Claudia was shot and killed. Oriol did not want to leave Claudia's corpse lying in the back of a truck, but with Hector pursuing, he and Sergio were forced to flee with a Delta Strike Team.

Oriol comforted Sergio inside the Delta Team's makeshift headquarters, preparing to be evacuated to the United States.

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