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Oscar Cisneros was a member of Mara Salvatrucha incarcerated at the Federal Holding Facility in Los Angeles, California.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Cisneros was ordered by MS-13 leader Smiley Lopez to assassinate Jack Bauer, who was undercover in the Federal Holding Facility as part of a CTU mission. Cisneros and two of his thugs, Ricky and Pedro, first attempted to kill him one night in the shower, but all three men were outmatched and grievously injured before the prison's guards arrived to break up the fight. In the process, Cisneros lost the shiv he had painstakingly constructed out of a toothbrush, enraging him and strengthening his resolve to kill Bauer.

At 9:00pm, back in his cell, Oscar coerced his guard Pete to let him out by threatening the lives of his wife and daughter. He gathered some more MS-13 soldiers, including Javie, and attempted to finish the job while Jack and his cellmate Emil Ramirez were eating dinner in the facility's library. Once again, Cisneros' efforts were defeated, and Jack survived the attack.

Shortly afterward, partly as a result of MS-13's vendetta against them, Jack and Ramirez caused a prison riot and managed to escape from the facility. Cisneros also escaped, but the authorities were not nearly as concerned with capturing him as they were a high-profile target like Bauer.

Oscar caught up with Jack in Boyle Heights around 3:30pm the next day, when Jack returned to Smiley Lopez with a shipment of crystal meth that he had stolen from a Ukrainian gang to trade for information on Zapata's contacts. Lopez and Cisneros tried to double cross Jack, as they had been paid highly by someone to assassinate him, but Jack took Lopez hostage and shot Cisneros in the head. (Chaos Theory)

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