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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Osterlind was the right hand man and coordinator for the terrorist Stephen Saunders during Day 3.

Before Day 3[]

Osterlind aligned himself with the millionaire bio-terrorist Stephen Saunders because they were "true believers" in the idea that that the greatest threat to world peace came from the United States. They chose eleven other like-minded men to be couriers for the Cordilla virus (a twelfth courier, Marcus Alvers, worked for them solely for the profit). Their ultimate goal was to use the threat of infecting large swathes of the American population to force President David Palmer to dismantle America's foreign intelligence apparatus.

Day 3[]

At the Los Angeles address 21904 Collins, Osterlind spent several hours with Saunders coordinating the movement of the Cordilla virus couriers and other operations. He informed Saunders that his men Pach and Young were killed during the raid on the MI6 office after they were sent to gun down Diana White. Osterlind also discovered that CTU director Ryan Chappelle was investigating Saunders' money trail, and passed this along to Saunders, who forced Chappelle to be executed soon after.

Osterlind notified Saunders when President David Palmer closed LAX. Given that the couriers en route to Cleveland and Chicago had been stopped, the courier to Las Vegas was re-routed by vehicle, and the New York, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco couriers were en route, Osterlind re-worked the casualty estimates for Saunders. He reported that 2 to 5 million would be dead within the first 48 hours. Osterlind was concerned that the virus could spread outside the United States, but Saunders did not care. Later, after his man Lennox did not call back, Osterlind determined that Jane Saunders was captured by examining her cellular phone signal.

When CTU Los Angeles intelligence agents found out where Saunders was basing his operation, Osterlind prepared to leave, Saunders however ordered him to stay. Osterlind then made it clear he was leaving, after which Saunders shot him in the chest, killing him instantly.

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