Wiki 24

Sean Walker decrypts the PDA.

PDA Data Discovered[]

The following takes place
between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

At CTU, Michelle Dessler receives a call from Jack Bauer who informs her that Robert Daniels has attempted to flee the site of the assassination attempt. He tells her that he is trailing Daniels onto the freeway, and that he will let Michelle know where it leads him. Michelle tells Tony Almeida, who says that unless Sean decrypts the PDA Jack found on the ship, Daniels is the only lead they have. Michelle offers to take over the decryption, but Tony says that they should let Sean have some more time.

Sean Walker tells Tony that he has got through the primary encrypt but it looks like data was scrambled when the initial encryption took place. He says that he needs to download the files to his system and repair them before anything can be found out. Sean accidentally triggers a failsafe mechanism on the PDA, and he has to get whatever he can off it in the next seven minutes or it will lockdown and be impossible to decipher. Using CTU's data retrieval system, Sean manages to recover two files. He then has to bypass the file encryption, which he successfully manages to do. He manages to uncover a photograph and the crew manifest.


Mission targets[]

  • Time: 02:00
  • Incorrect Data Matches: 0
  • Number Swaps Made: 35

Background information and notes[]

  • To complete the first stage of the mission, the player has to press PSCircle and PSX according to which colour appears on the data file. For the second part, the player has to scramble the letters until they turn green and therefore are in the correct position.