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The Palmdale Military Prison was a high security prison located in Palmdale, California. One hundred ten terrorist suspects were detained at the facility.

Day 6 Edit

In the eleven weeks before Day 6, terrorist mastermind Abu Fayed was orchestrating a series of suicide bombings across the United States, which killed over 900 people. After claiming an additional 381 lives on Day 6, Fayed contacted President Wayne Palmer at 8:04am. He offered to declare a ceasefire in exchange for the president's releasing all the prisoners at Palmdale; they had to be loaded onto a non-military aircraft and flown to a country of Fayed's choosing by 9am. However, this was only a ploy to allow inmate Hasan Numair—who had the expertise to program the trigger to a suitcase nuclear device—to escape. Palmer, in an attempt to buy CTU time to find Fayed, began to meet his demands.

6x03 Airport

The prisoners are loaded onto a plane.

By 8:32am, National Guard soldiers were loading the prisoners onto buses for transport to a nearby airfield. At 8:47am, President Palmer gave the order to release the prisoners. A sergeant then instructed his men to begin loading the prisoners onto the plane. However, the sergeant—secretly on Fayed's payroll—helped Numair stow away in the lavatory of one of the buses, and had the driver take them to an offsite location. When CTU discovered Numair's identity, they warned the commanding officer, who performed a full search of the plane but found no sign of Numair. Meanwhile, the sergeant, after killing the bus driver, gave Numair the all clear. The terrorist then made a run for the city limits. ("8:00am-9:00am")

Numair was long gone by the time the National Guard caught on to what had happened. They then initiated a search for the sergeant who helped him escape. ("9:00am-10:00am")

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  • The scenes at Palmdale were shot at Ontario International Airport in Los Angeles. See Season 6 filming locations for more information.

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