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The Palmer campaign hotel was an affluent high-rise hotel in Century City, California, which served as Palmer and his staff's headquarters for the duration of his stay in Los Angeles during Primary Day. The hotel had at least fourteen floors, with several conference rooms and large spaces.


Day 1[]

After midnight[]

At 12:02am, Sherry Palmer brought some coffee from the kitchen, through the living room and onto the balcony, where David Palmer and Patty Brooks were discussing Palmer’s speech. She then went back inside to write some thank-yous. Later, on the balcony, Patty received a call from Martin Belkin, the photographer for David’s appearance later that day. At 12:45, Palmer came into the living room to join his wife. Patty brought him a phone call from Maureen Kingsley, after which he returned to the balcony, shutting the door in Sherry’s face. He stared out over Los Angeles, thinking over the call he just received. ("Day 1: 12:00am-1:00am")

A CTU plan of the hotel

At 1:20am, David walked from a side room into the main living room, where Sherry was watching the crash of Flight 221 on the TV. She asked what Maureen wanted, but he told her it was nothing, so she went to bed. Just before 1:45am, Keith and Nicole Palmer entered the suite, picking up food from the buffet table in the main room. Sherry came back from the bedroom, and Nicole went off to her bed. As Keith started telling about what happened at the rally he had just attended, Patty gave David a call from Carl Webb. He went into a side room to take the call, and then sneaked out of the suite.

Shortly afterwards, Aaron Pierce arrived at the suite with a group of Secret Service agents., asking to speak with David. When he could not be found, Pierce called in that he was missing, and explained to Sherry and Keith that they were adding an extra layer of security. Meanwhile, Palmer walked down the stairs to the parking garage of the hotel. He shielded his face from a couple he passed, and drove out of the garage to meet Carl at the Hotel Rosslyn. ("Day 1: 1:00am-2:00am")

David sneaks out through the parking garage

A little after 2:05am, Sherry approached agent Pierce in the living room to ask why so much security was necessary. Keith then entered, having checked the lobby, and then started to leave in order to check out an all night coffee shop a couple of blocks away from the hotel. Secret Service refused to let him go, explaining that a threat against the Senator was interpreted as a threat against the whole family. ("Day 1: 2:00am-3:00am")

At 3:05am, Palmer returned to room 1439. He went to the balcony to call Carl, then returned and Sherry explained that there had been an assassination threat. Later, Aaron Pierce entered to brief Palmer on the seriousness of the threat. Keith then entered, talked with his father, before returning to his bedroom. At 3:40am, Palmer talked with Carl on the phone from the couch in the side room. He then went into the living room to explain Kingsley’s allegations to Sherry.

Just after 4:05am, Patty was photocopying in the living room. Nicole entered from the kitchen and offered her dad a mocha, before returning to the kitchen to make it. David then sent Patty to bed, and spoke with Sherry about whether to tell Nicole about the allegations against Keith. He entered the kitchen, and talked with Nicole, but decided not to upset her with the news. ("Day 1: 3:00am-4:00am")

At 4:20am, David left the kitchen and called Maureen Kingsley on his mobile. He walked to the window as he asked her to meet him in a conference room on the 3rd floor. Ten minutes later, Maureen was searched by Secret Service and then spoke with David in the conference room. She revealed the sources of her story to him. David then went straight back upstairs to Keith’s bedroom. He asked him whether he had had any contact with Lyle Gibson, but Keith refused to answer. ("Day 1: 4:00am-5:00am")


At 5am, Carl arrived at the suite. As he sat watching television, Sherry warned him not to take up any of David’s time. The Senator then entered and demanded that Carl explain the situation. After he admitted to covering up Keith’s involvement in Gibson’s death, David told Carl to leave and stay away from him. As Carl was exiting the door of the suite, he told David that Sherry was also involved in the cover up.

Sherry in one of the hotel's bathrobes; the 'H' insignia visible

At 5:20am, Sherry came out from a shower, to find David sitting at the table. She asked what Carl wanted, and he explained that he knew about the cover up. After Sherry revealed that Nicole too was in on it, Palmer left the suite. Flanked by Secret Service, Palmer went downstairs to room 1218 to speak to Mike Novick, his chief of staff. Mike explains that when the story breaks he will lose the election, and so persuades him to come out with the story himself. ("Day 1: 5:00am-6:00am")

Meanwhile Keith had left the hotel with Secret Service to go for a jog. Palmer left after him, returning at 6:20am to find Nicole watching TV. He sits by her and prepares her for the consequences of the story breaking. Just before 6:45am, Palmer was getting ready while Keith stayed in his room. Sherry asked David if they could try to shut Maureen up, but David refused. ("Day 1: 6:00am-7:00am")

After getting ready, David stood out on his balcony just after 7am. Sherry came out to ask if he had decided what he would say at the breakfast rally, and he told her he would reveal the truth about Keith. They wander back inside, as Keith enters to tell them Nicole had left for the airport. David then told Keith about his forthcoming revelation, who angrily left. David and Sherry then left for the rally. ("Day 1: 7:00am-8:00am")

At 8am, Keith left the hotel, angrily storming out. At 8:30am, David and Sherry arrived back at the hotel. Their suite was buzzing with staff, and Anna asked about what had happened at the power plant. David told the room that the events were not fully clear, and then Anna expressed her concerns about Keith’s mood. David went to call Secret Service, but not before he told Sherry that there was nothing they could do to stop the story leaking. David went to the side room, asking for his schedule in his office.

David then went into the kitchen to pour himself a drink. Mike entered and told him that Jack Bauer was the man who caused a disturbance at the breakfast, and that he had escaped. At 8:40am, Anna took a phone to Sherry in her bedroom. Sherry spoke to Maureen Kingsley and persuaded her to hold off on the story about Keith.

At 8:45am, David was speaking with Dave on the phone while Mike watched the TV. Keith then entered the suite, and David told him that the story was going to break and that his best lawyers were on it. Mike then came up and told David that Kingsley wasn’t going ahead with the story, and David asked Sherry if she had anything to do with it. She denied it, so David asked to speak to Maureen before they left the suite to go to Grant Street Elementary School. ("Day 1: 8:00am-9:00am")

David and Sherry talk

At 12:10pm, David got back to the hotel suite after his school visit. While Mike and the other staffers worked, he spoke with Sherry in a side room about the death of George Ferragamo. She told him not to try to fight the people behind the murder before he became president. At 12:30pm, David went downstairs to room 914 to see Maureen Kingsley. At first she wouldn’t open the door, but she eventually let him in to tell him she was leaving the network. He deduced that the Latham Group had threatened her.

At David’s request, Mike brought the District Attorney to the hotel for a meeting. Just before going to see him, David saw Carl out in the corridor. Carl revealed to David that he would blackmail him with falsified evidence against Keith if he took his suspicions about Ferragamo any further. David told Mike that he had nothing to say to the D.A. ("Day 1: 12:00pm-1:00pm")


After 1pm, Palmer worked in the main room with Elizabeth Nash. He saw Sherry disappear into the kitchen, and so followed her to tell her about Carl’s plan. At 1:15pm, Mike was going over things with David when Keith overhead them mention Ferragamo. David took his son into another room to explain what had happened. At 1:45pm, Sherry was choosing photos with Patty when Keith came over to ask why they weren’t investigating Ferragamo’s death properly. As Sherry started to explain, David came in to say they were going to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. They packed their things and left.

At 1:55pm, Elizabeth Nash told Patty that she was taking a later flight to Nevada, and rode the elevator down to the 12th floor. She then went to room 1243 to meet her boyfriend Alexis Drazen. The two ended up sleeping together in his room. ("Day 1: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

Elizabeth had a shower in Alexis’ room just after 2pm, inviting him to join her in it. She then received a call telling her that Palmer wasn’t flying out to Nevada anymore, and so returned to the suite in time to meet Sherry returning to the hotel. Sherry went into the living room, telling Elizabeth that she would do a phone interview with the Los Angeles Times in 45 minutes. She called David shortly afterwards, who told her to wait for him at the hotel. Mike spoke to David later, and got him to return. ("Day 1: 2:00pm-3:00pm")

At 3:05pm, Palmer arrived back in the main suite as Aaron Pierce was giving a staff briefing, having received information from CTU. He showed pictures of the 3 suspected assassins, and Elizabeth Nash recognized her boyfriend Alexis as one of the men. As she left the area, Palmer went to comfort her. He sat her down, and called Jack to explain the situation. A chopper was sent from CTU to pick her up. At 3:20pm, Keith entered a room with David and they talked about Ferragamo.

At 3:30pm, Keith called Carl and arranged a meeting. Nicole entered and asked what the call was about, but he refused to tell her. He asked her to help him sneak out of the suite, and she agreed. While she distracted a Secret Service agent, Keith turned on the TV in a side room and then exited via a back door. ("Day 1: 3:00pm-4:00pm")

Just after 4pm, Jack arrived at the hotel with Elizabeth Nash and Nina Myers. He went to the 12th floor and met Aaron Pierce, introducing him to Johnson and Aleshire, two CTU technicians. While Nina prepped Nash in room 1242, the technicians set up surveillance in Alexis’ room, 1243. When David heard about the sting operation that was to take place, he came down to the floor and confronted Jack, who told him there was nothing to worry about.

CTU spying on Alexis Drazen

At 4:20pm, David was back in his suite, and Keith returned from Griffith Park Observatory. He played his dad the tape he had acquired of Carl admitting to blackmail. David took the tape. At 4:30pm, Jack briefed Elizabeth one last time before settling in 1242 with Nina to watch the surveillance. Alexis arrived at the hotel, and Nash was sent in to plant a tracking device on him. Nina and Jack watched as she broke from the plan and stabbed Alexis with a letter opener, and Jack burst into the room with CTU agents. He called for a medevac to take Alexis to a hospital.

Jack then cleaned himself up in Alexis’ bathroom, and fielded David Palmer who angrily demanded to know what happened. Nina then found Alexis’ cell ringing, and Jack answered impersonating the assassin. ("Day 1: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

CTU agents searched Alexis’ room, finding $50,000 in bearer bonds, while Jack persuaded David to leave and go back to his suite. Jack then switched shirts with Jay, and got ready to leave. Upstairs in a side room of the suite, David played Keith’s tape to Sherry and Mike, who persuaded him to keep the tape secret. Jack and Nina then left the building via the elevator, while briefing George Mason on the situation.

David gazing at the skyline

At 5:20pm, Palmer was out on the balcony, when Keith came out. They sat at a table and David talked to Keith about what would happen when the story came out. Later David gave Patty the tape, and she put it into a safe behind a painting in a side room. Sherry then found out that David had gone down to the conference room to meet with the publicist. She opened the safe and destroyed the tape. Soon afterwards David entered, and found the tape was missing. He revealed to Sherry that the tape in the safe was a decoy, and then told Mike to set up a press conference. ("Day 1: 5:00pm-6:00pm")

At 6:15pm, the Palmer family had dinner at one of the tables in the suite. During an argument that ensued over their food, Nicole started hyperventilating and was taken to a couch, while a doctor was called. He gave her the ok, and then David left for the press conference. Before he left, he told his family that they would survive the events of a day together. Escorted by Secret Service, he took the elevator downstairs, walked through the kitchens to the conference room, and addressed the press.

The conference lasted until 6:55pm, after which Palmer excused himself and made his way back through the kitchens. He met Keith there, and after embracing they made their way back to the suite together. ("Day 1: 6:00pm-7:00pm")


When back in the suite, Palmer discovered Nicole in his bedroom and spoke to her about what she would have to face. Sherry then entered, and had a brief argument with David before going into the bathroom. Just after 7:30pm, Palmer and Mike watched a news report back in the main room, before Elaine brought in a call from Jack Bauer.

After the news report, people began celebrating in the suite. Sherry came from the balcony and took some champagne to David in a side room. David told her that he wasn’t sure if he loved her anymore. ("Day 1: 7:00pm-8:00pm")

At 8pm, Palmer watched more news in the side room before making his way to balcony to mingle. After Mike came out to give him an update on the polls, Palmer went back inside to make a speech to his staff. At 8:15pm, he went to an office where Patty was working, to go over a speech. As he left to return to the party, she paid him an unexpected compliment.

Later Patty brought the finalized speech to Palmer as he was watching TV in his side room. She gave him a massage as he lay on the couch. At 8:55pm, after receiving some advice from Mike, Palmer left his suite to go downstairs to the conference room. ("Day 1: 8:00pm-9:00pm")

Senator Palmer delivers a speech in the ballroom

Palmer entered the conference room and gave a speech to all of his supporters, while Sherry and Patty talked in the audience. He then mingled with the guests, but walked away to talk to Nina Myers and George Mason over the phone. Afterwards he went back to the party, and after bumping into Sherry and Patty he arranged to meet Patty upstairs to look over some work.

Back at the suite, Palmer and Patty went over possible interview questions, before both making their way back down to the party. Palmer met John, Michael, Bryan Chasin and Darrell Maines, while Sherry talked with Patty over at the bar. ("Day 1: 9:00pm-10:00pm")

At 10pm, David was back up in the suite and Patty joined him. David gave her a key card to room 907, before Sherry entered and interrupted them. In the corridor by the elevator outside the suite, Sherry briefed Patty before she went down to the 9th floor. David then received a call from Jack Bauer, who was on his way to the hotel. David told him that on George Mason’s orders, security had been added to the hotel and that Jack was not allowed near him.

At 10:25pm, Patty entered room 907 where David was waiting. After a brief conversation, he fired her and told her to leave the hotel in 30 minutes. Palmer then went back to his suite, where Sherry was getting ready for bed in her bathroom. After confronting her about Patty, a Secret Service agent informed him that Jack Bauer had arrived.

After being shown into the suite, Jack took Palmer to one side and gave him a phone to answer. However the phone was rigged with explosives and was detonated by Victor Drazen, and Jack threw it towards the balcony just in time. After the explosion Palmer was shielded, and Jack helped Secret Service take powder residue from the balcony. Sherry ran in, and told Palmer that their children were downstairs. Jack explained his plan to keep Palmer quarantined and leak a story that he had been killed. Sherry brought the children up to the suite while Jack summoned Mike Novick and instructed Secret Service not to let anyone in or out of the area.

Reporters then flocked to the hotel, and a reporter told the story of Palmer’s death. Andre Drazen then called the suite, and found out that Jack had survived. Jack then called Nina, and exited through the lobby of the hotel. Outside he spoke to his wife, before driving away. ("Day 1: 10:00pm-11:00pm")

Reporters and police continued to gather outside the building, as Sherry found David in his room and tried to convince him to come clean with the press. Later, Mike was talking to David in a side room and then found out that Sherry had leaked the truth to the press. He stormed into her bedroom and confronted her in the bathroom, smashing two vases. Mike convinced David into going downstairs to talk to the press.

Palmer talking to the press

In front of the hotel, Palmer explained what had happened to a group of reporters. Upstairs, Sherry watched it on TV, and Mike came in to tell her David wanted to meet her in the ballroom. At 11:45pm, after stopping in the kitchens to fix her hair, Sherry entered the ballroom. David then told her he wanted a divorce, and that Secret Service would escort her out. ("Day 1: 11:00pm-12:00am")

Notable rooms[]

Background information and notes[]

  • The interior of the hotel used in the pilot episode was the Andaz West Hollywood, located at 8401 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. The Sunset Tower Hotel (The St. James Club, at the time) can be seen across the street off the balcony. For the remainder of the season, a studio set was constructed.
  • The exterior of the hotel that Jack and Nina walk out of in Day 1: 4:00pm-5:00pm is the 2 California Plaza Building at 350 South Grand Avenue. The exterior shown in Day 1: 10:00pm-11:00pm and Day 1: 11:00pm-12:00am is the Warner Center Marriott Hotel at 21850 Oxnard Street.