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Paul Vernon was a patrol officer for DC Metropolitan Police Department during Day 10.

During Day 10, Vernon and his partner, Officer Tim Bates, spotted Eric Carter and attempted to arrest him for vagrancy. Although Vernon roughed Carter up a little, Bates talked him out of it. As they were about to arrest him, Carter overpowered them and took their sidearms. He asked them to get to their police station's evidence room for $2 million confiscated on the drug bust. He strapped bombs to them and made Vernon drive him to the station.

As Vernon and Bates led Carter through the police station and pretended to take him to processing, their boss, Lieutenant Daniels, asked to see Vernon about a suspect he had previously roughed up. Vernon told him it had to wait, but Daniels insisted, so Carter started a scuffle. Vernon & another officer Boone secured Carter and Daniels decided to let Vernon take him to processing. Once they were cleared and the cameras were blocked, Vernon and Bates led Carter to the evidence locker where the drug money was. They stood by as Carter found the money, when the alarms suddenly sounded and Carter was discovered in the evidence locker. ("Day 10: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

When the alarms sounded and SWAT commander George Marx tried to talk to Carter, Vernon and Bates were present when Carter tried to find a way out. When Carter confronted Bates, claiming that he is a Army Ranger trying to stop a terrorist plot and that there will be a large number of terrorist attacks all over the U.S. if the money is not delivered, Vernon refused to believe him, but Bates does and tells him there's a weak wall there, much to Vernon's protest. Carter takes the bomb out of Vernon's body and used it to explode the weak wall open. As Bates lead Carter out, the team breached through the door and Vernon told them them that Carter is armed and is escaping as he was freed. Daniels ordered the lockdown. He was present when he learns that Carter has been cleared since it was operation to stop a terrorist plot, much to his chagrin. ("Day 10: 2:00pm-3:00pm")

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