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Penzo was a security guard at the Chandler Plaza Hotel active during Day 3.

Day 3Edit

CTU alerted Craig Phillips, head of security at the Chandler Plaza Hotel, that bioterrorist Marcus Alvers was plotting to release an infectious agent into the hotel ventilation system, and they sent him a picture of Alvers. At 3:53 Phillips spotted Alvers dressed as a maintenance man; however, his assistant distracted him, and he wasn't confident enough that it was Alvers to take any more aggressive action than to ask his assistant to check into it.

A few minutes later Phillips asked his assistant if he'd found the maintenance man. The assistant replied that he had not found him, but he assured Phillips that Penzo was following the maintenance man to the utility room.

Shortly after that, a CTU team led by Michelle Dessler entered the hotel without Hazmat suits. Phillips told Dessler the location where he suspected Alvers could be found, and Michelle went in pursuit of Alvers. She noticed a pool of blood leaking out the door to the utility room. When she opened the door and went inside, Dessler found the dead body of Penzo with a screwdriver protruding out of his neck.

Live appearances Edit

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