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The People's Freedom Army was the name for the rebel group led by General Benjamin Juma in the African nation of Sangala.

Before Redemption[]

General Juma and his rebels made a grab for power in Sangala, and sparked a tribal genocide in which tens of thousands of civilians were killed and injured. The rebels failed, however, and were disarmed by the United States. The United Nations was appointed to oversee the group and ensure that they remained powerless to try another coup.

Colonel Dubaku, Juma's second-in-command, coordinated a re-armament by purchasing weapons from the American businessman and Starkwood's CEO, Jonas Hodges. The rebel forces acquired mortars, howitzers, advanced computer technology, training, and a surplus of small arms and ammunition without the knowledge of the US or the UN.


General Juma staged his coup of the Sangala government during the events of Redemption. His subordinates kidnapped gangs of young boys as throwaway soldiers and brainwashed them with nationalist rhetoric. The government was overthrown, and Prime Minister Ule Matobo reluctantly fled the country with his wife and others via the American embassy evacuation. This was the final day of the presidency of Noah Daniels, who decided to refuse to aid Matobo's government military. Large throngs of people fled the People's Freedom Army as it swept over the capital city.

Members of the People's Freedom Army[]

Background information and notes[]

  • The situation in Sangala, most notably the nature of the PFA, is analogous to the real-life situation in Uganda where a corrupt general of Lord's Resistance Army is kidnapping and drafting young children in a military coup to usurp the local government. The only difference is that the LRA is led by men who believe they are on a holy mission (hence their name) and the PFA is led by anti-government radicals.

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