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Kelly Gullett (also credited as Perry Kelly) played Bernhart during Season 4, and an unnamed flight passenger during Season 5, of 24. Gullett is a former professional tennis player.

Biography and career[]

Kelly Gullett started playing tennis when he was 9-years old, eventually becoming a Top 10 player in Southern California. He studied at Pepperdine University where he continued playing, becoming a three-time All-American player, and an NCAA finalist in doubles with Robert Lindstedt. After his senior year, Gullett started playing professional tennis, and retired when he was 24 years old.[1]

After retiring, Gullett started coaching at Beverly Hills Tennis Club where he still works. Aside of that, he started acting in several TV shows. Gullett appeared in TV shows like CSI: NY, Monk, Justified (with Brian Goodman), and Body of Proof.

Role on 24[]

Gullett played Bernhart, a CTU agent, during Season 4 of 24. In Season 5, he played one of the passengers of Flight 520. For this appearance, he was credited as Perry Kelly. Gullett was credited as a co-star for both appearances.

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Selected filmography[]

Television appearances

  • Body of Proof (2013)
  • Justified (2010)
  • Monk (2008)
  • CSI: NY (2006)

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