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Pershing Square was a square located on 5th Street in Downtown Los Angeles. It was the location of a subway station on the red line.

Day 3 Edit

When escaping from military helicopters with Ramon Salazar, Jack Bauer flew over Downtown and landed next to Pershing Square. He and Salazar then ran into the subway, and exited via an emergency exit on the southwest corner of 6th Street. Two trains left the station after they entered, and the LAPD stopped one train in the tunnel. Officer Brooks explained the situation to Chase Edmunds when he arrived, and Chase then called Kim Bauer to get the MTA's schematics of the station. Kim told him there was one emergency exit between Pershing Square and Grand, and Chase ran off to apprehend Jack. ("Day 3: 6:00pm-7:00pm")

Appearances Edit

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