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Pete Malo was a CTU New Orleans agent during Storm Force who worked with Jack Bauer to capture Hector Beltran. He was in his forties with short black hair and dark brown eyes.

Before Storm Force Edit

Malo originally worked in the Navy, but transferred out of the Office of Naval Intelligence to work at CTU several years before Storm Force. He was an experienced lock picker.

Storm Force Edit

Just after 6:00 a.m. CDT, Malo was waiting outside the Golden Pole strip club with CTU Los Angeles agent Jack Bauer, preparing to talk to the headlining stripper Vikki Valence. Observing from an abandoned shop across the street, he saw Colonel Paz leave her apartment after she entertained him for the night. As he did so, some men tried to assassinate Paz, but with Jack and Malo's help, Paz survived. However, he expected that the agents were trying to take him for interrogation, and he fled the scene before they could capture him. Malo stayed to deal with the bodies on the street, remains of the fight that ensued, whilst Jack went to look for Paz and Valence, who ran away after she heard the gunshots. He took photos of the deceased and sent then to the Gulf Coast Regional Centre. He contacted GCR Centre Director Cal Randolph, who he explained the situation to.

An hour after Jack left the scene, Malo tried to contain the situation at the Golden Pole, which had escalated greatly. The massacre had been cordoned off as a national security investigation with international implications. The city of New Orleans had woken up, and the area was swarming with the police and the press. After speaking to Floyd Dooley, Malo and Jack found the car that Paz stole. They arrived at a location where Paz abandoned the car and took another one.

Using a man inside the Venezuelan Consulate, Jack and Malo discovered that Raoul Garros, a friend of Paz who their expected would be another target, as at the Mega Mart building with his fiancee, Susan Keehan. When they arrived, Garros was gone, and had been kidnapped. The kidnappers, members of the Supremo cell led by Beltran, demanded one million dollars in exchange for Garros. Susan complied, and gave the money. Beltran observed the transaction from a distance away, and after collecting his money, planned to leave. Jack and Malo had tracked him, and headed in to take Beltran into custody. Before they could reach him, Colonel Paz arrived and killed him.

The agents received a tip on an attack occurring at Pelican Pier in connection with the Cloak of Night operation, a plan by Saudi Arabia to give the US oil in exchange for protection of its kingdom from neighboring countries. Jack and Malo arrived at the Pier, and stormed into a warehouse. Inside there were three men who held the agents at gunpoint. Malo reached for his gun, and was shot.

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