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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.This article's subject relates to Season 7 of 24.

Peter Hock was an official from the Department of Justice. He was the lead investigator on the assassination attempt made on President Wayne Palmer during the events of Day 6, and later, an investigator into the murder of Jonas Hodges during Day 7.

Day 6[]

After the assassination attempt on President Wayne Palmer was carried out, it was believed that Hamri Al-Assad was behind it, as he had a history of terrorism and had access to the presidential bunker. Tom Lennox, Palmer's Chief of Staff, informed Secret Service that Reed Pollock and Bruce Carson were behind the attempt. Tom was also held in custody and he set up a meeting with Attorney General Graves, but the meeting was canceled when Vice President Noah Daniels pressured Tom to allow Assad become the scapegoat.

Hock lead the interrogation of Reed Pollock, who was the Deputy Chief of Staff at the White House. Despite Pollock's claims that the assassination attempt was in the best interest of the country, he still would face the death penalty. Pollock tried to bargain himself out of capital punishment with revelations about Karen Hayes, the Senior National Security Advisor to Palmer. Pollock claimed that Hayes' husband Bill Buchanan, the Director of CTU Los Angeles, had Abu Fayed in custody eighteen months prior to the events of Day 6. Pollock claimed that Karen covered it up when she sealed the information in a classified blue document when she worked for the Department of Homeland Security.


Hock presents video footage of Reed Pollock's interrogation to Karen Hayes.

At roughly 12:20am EST, Hock met with Karen in her office. He showed her a video tape of Reed Pollock's interrogation and asked her why she resigned several hours ago. Karen insisted that there wasn't enough evidence to hold Fayed and that she didn't cover it up. Hock told her that somebody would take the fall for Fayed's terrorist actions during the past 11 weeks. He warned her that it would be either her or Bill, and he would prefer if it was Bill, as he was far enough to not damage the president's reputation.

Day 7[]

Shortly before the close of Day 7, Peter Hock joined the investigative panel of the Deputy Attorney General with Rollins that was questioning possible suspects in the homicide of government witness Jonas Hodges. The interview began a few minutes after 6am and lasted until about 6:19am.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Peter Hock: (to Karen Hayes) Someone has to go down, and the farther from the president the better. It's either going to be you or Bill. Bill would be my preference, he's lower on the food chain. But you'll do. ("Day 6: 12:00am-1:00am")

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