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Phil Lu was an NYPD officer on duty during Day 8.

Day 8 Edit

Phil Lu arrived at 11447 Broadway to check after an emergency call. When he was checking the house backyard, Jack Bauer came out of the house pointing a gun at him. Jack told him that he was a former federal agent working on behalf of CTU, but Lu tried to convince him to put down his gun. Jack refused to do so arguing that the residents of the house had been killed and that the murderer might still be around. At that point, Lu's partner, John Mazoni, fired a taser gun at Jack knocking him unconscious. Lu told Mazoni that they had to call it in, but Mazoni convinced him that Jack was a cop killer and ordered him to drag him inside.

After dragging Jack to the basement, Mazoni started beating up Jack. Lu tried to convince him not to continue. However, John told him that he was still a rookie and that he still didn't know all the stuff they had to go through. Mazoni then told Lu to go upstairs and he reluctantly agreed, warning John not to kill Bauer. When Jack managed to knock Mazoni down, Lu came back down and pointed the gun at him. However, Jack told him that there was a possible threat to Presidents Allison Taylor and Omar Hassan at the United Nations, and they needed to set him free. Mazoni shouted at Lu to shoot Jack, but Lu pointed the gun at him instead. Finally, Lu agreed to verify Jack's story and called the incident on his radio.

As the back-up arrived, Lu informed Jack that Chloe O'Brian at CTU had verified his story and he took off his handcuffs. Jack then asked him to drive him to the United Nations, and he agreed. As they drove away, Mazoni screamed at him that he couldn't leave. During the drive, Lu received an APB near the United Nations building. Jack inferred that it was the assassin and instructed Lu to head that way. When Jack asked for his gun, Lu told him it was on the bag behind his seat.

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