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Dr. Phil Parslow was a surgeon and friend of Teri Bauer who helped her overcome her dissociative amnesia during Day 1.

Before Day 1[]

Phil had two daughters, Jennifer and Emily, from a previous marriage before he met Teri. He started seeing Teri after her separation from her husband Jack: on one of their dates, they arranged to have dinner at Ivy at the Shore but as the wait was too long they walked down the pier and had hot dogs. After a couple of weeks, Teri decided that it was too awkward to continue, but Phil always believed that they had had a connection.

According to Findings at CTU and Phil's statement to the Senate subcommittee, he and Teri met through Teri's friend and business partner, Kitty, at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Teri was looking at the painting 'Venus and Adonis' when they met.

Day 1[]

Phil examines Teri

Henry Martin, maitre d' of Tuptas, called Phil at the hospital when Teri Bauer wandered into the restaurant and claimed she had lost her memory. Concerned, Phil examined her at the restaurant and decided that she had suffered trauma-induced dissociative amnesia, brought on by the explosion that she believed had killed her daughter Kim. Although Phil wanted to examine her more thoroughly at a hospital, she strongly objected, and he drove her to her home instead. Concerned that Jack might have attacked her and caused her memory loss, Phil called his friend Chris to guard the house while he tried to restore her memory. He showed her pictures of his daughters, Emily and Jennifer and was making tea. Just as Teri was beginning to overcome her amnesia, however, the Drazens' assassin Jovan Myovic raided the house, killed Chris, and shot Phil in the shoulder; before he could execute Teri, however, Tony Almeida shot Myovic and rushed Teri and Phil out of the house. Tony and Teri later took Phil to Grace Memorial Hospital to be treated for his gunshot wound before they proceeded back to the CTU Los Angeles building.

After Day 1[]

Dr. Parslow testified before the House Special Subcommittee which was investigating the events of Day 1.

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