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Phil Stone was a day worker at an oil drilling field in Mojave, California, during Day 5.

Day 5 Edit

The foreman of the oil field, Ned, called the names of Phil Stone and Greg Nelson for work that day, and assigned them to pump #5. The other workers to receive work that morning were Jim Nichols, Sterling Rush, and Patrick Priest. Also looking for work that day was Jack Bauer, disguised as "Frank Flynn".

Background information and notes Edit

5x01 Stone and Nelson

Stone and Nelson

  • Stone is not identifiable in the episode; however, a process of elimination narrows this character down to the two oil workers on the furthest left of the group (pictured on the right). It is not known which of the two is Stone and which is Greg Nelson.
  • This character is named after the crew member, Phil Stone.

Live appearancesEdit

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