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Philadelphia is a city in the state of Pennsylvania of the United States.

Before Day 1[]

As a child, future President of the United States David Palmer spent time there, according to the Presidential memoirs he was writing when he was assassinated. It is unclear however if he was born there or just lived there.

Day 1[]

When Nina Myers was preparing an interrogation profile on Ted Cofell, she mentioned that he was born in Philadelphia.

Day 4[]

After the nuclear missile was launched, the White House believed the terrorists' target was ether New York City or Washington DC and wanted both cities evacuated immediately. But David Palmer, brought in as an adviser to President Logan, thought that an evacuation would be hazardous by causing a mass exodus of people in the other major cities on the East Coast including Philadelphia, as well as Boston, Baltimore and Atlanta.

Day 6[]

Philadelphia, as well as Los Angeles and Detroit, were cities chosen by Tom Lennox for the National Guard to set up detention facilities at its Convention Center and Sports Complex.