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Philman was the United States Army Ranger who took part in the mission to capture terrorist mastermind Ibrahim Bin-Khalid at his compound in Yemen.

Philman was in the lead chopper with Sergeant Eric Carter and other Army Rangers. As the chopper landed, he followed them from an abandoned village street to the northeast gate of Bin-Khalid's compound. At Carter's command, Philman breached the gate and proceeded inside, followed by Sergeant Grimes. As the other Rangers followed, they were attacked when Bin-Khalid's men fired at them from all directions. With the other rangers' assistance, Philman and Grimes made it to the southern end of the square and into the main building.

Grimes then reported that they had potentially spotted Bin-Khalid, and mission director Rebecca Ingram analyzed Philman's body camera footage to confirm that it was in fact him. Grimes and Philman pursued, but then were cut off from the command post for around a minute. When Carter rejoined them, he reported that they had been forced to blow the room and Bin-Khalid had apparently been killed. Philman and the others collected evidence from the remains and returned to the landing zone, narrowly avoiding an enemy rocket attack as they lifted off. (The Raid)

Background information and notes Edit

  • The names, actors, and number of the other Rangers differ between The Raid and 24: Legacy proper. Philman is not explicitly mentioned again, nor is his status.

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