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4x16 stealth fighter

The Phoenix was a stealth fighter plane stored at a United States Air Force base in Los Angeles, California. It was normally piloted by John Hansen.

On Day 4, Mitch Anderson was aided by Captain Hansen and gained access to the air base, after Habib Marwan captured Hansen's family. Anderson entered the hangar where the plane was kept just before 9pm, and met with Lenkov, the mechanic working on it. Lenkov reported that a hairline fracture had been detected on the Phoenix's strut pin, making it impossible to land. Anderson killed Lenkov, took his clothes and faked an all-clear report to Horter, the chief mechanic, who then cleared the Phoenix for take off. ("8:00pm-9:00pm", "9:00pm-10:00pm")

The Phoenix took off just after 10pm, and pursued Air Force One in the sky. Despite Jack Bauer getting through to the cockpit's radio frequency and attempting to talk Anderson down, Mitch went ahead with Marwan's plan and shot Air Force One out of the sky. One of the jets accompanying Air Force One then spotted the Phoenix and shot it down.

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