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Point Mugu Naval Air Station was a navy airport located in Oxnard, Ventura County, California.

Day 2[]

Point Mugu was illicitly ordered by Eric Rayburn to begin an evacuation in light of the possible nuclear attack in Los Angeles. After learning about the evacuation from Sherry Palmer, President Palmer countermanded the request. ("Day 2: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

Day 3[]

The Delta Force assault team assigned to intercept the Cordilla Virus returned via airplane and landed at Point Mugu. Also on board were CTU agents Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds and their prisoner, Nina Myers.

Day 5[]

Admiral Kirkland operated from Point Mugu during the missions to destroy the hijacked Flight 520 and to prevent Vladimir Bierko from deploying submarine launched ballistic missiles on American targets.

David Palmer's casket was loaded onto a plane at Point Mugu. Charles Logan and his wife Martha watched the ceremony, but the president pulled his wife into a hangar and angrily confronted her about her deception. However, the president was unaware of a microtransmitter planted on him by Jack Bauer, so as he began his speech honoring Palmer a federal marshal arrested him.

Day 6[]

Bill Buchanan and Curtis Manning picked up Jack Bauer from the Chinese government at Point Mugu in the beginning of Day 6.


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