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The Port of Long Beach was a port located in the city of Long Beach, California.

Day 5 Edit

After stealing a cache of weaponized nerve gas, Ivan Erwich and his men were taken to the Port of Long Beach by Schaeffer to transport the chemical weapons to Central Asia. After arriving there, Erwich and his men secured the nerve gas canisters inside Box 7 in a container marked 539146. According to the manifest, the container carried medical supplies.

At one point, Schaeffer - who was working under orders from White House Chief of Staff Walt Cummings - tampered with the triggering mechanism of the canisters so that the US government could detonate the canisters once they reached Erwich's terrorist group base in Asia. However, Erwich spotted him inside the container and asked him what he was doing. Schaeffer assured him he was just securing the canisters. Schaeffer then gave the customs documents to Erwich and requested his pay. Erwich told him he would get paid as soon as the container left port.

After Schaeffer left to finish the paperwork, Erwich inspectedf the canisters and found out what Schaeffer had done. He and his men took him inside the container, and tortured him, until he revealed his part in the scheme alongside Cummings. Erwich and his men then shot him several times and left his body there. They then transferred the canisters back into their truck and left.

At almost 1:00pm, Customs and Border Protection was contacted by CTU to help them locate the container. A team led by Agent Finn arrived at the port and raided the container. However, they only found Schaeffer's body inside. Cummings, who had been discovered already Jack Bauer, was watching a live feed of the raid and identified Schaeffer as his man inside Erwich's group.

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