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This article covers characters and concepts from the Indian adaptation of 24.

Pratap Singhania was the Prime Minister of India. After his death his wife, Naina Singhania, became the head of the Singhania political family. Four years later his son, Aditya Singhania, became Prime Minister.

While he was in office, Pratap authorised Operation Trishul, which was a mission to take out Ravindran and the rest of his terrorist group, the LTFE, operating out of Sri Lanka. The mission was seemingly a success, however in response to the attack the remaining members of the LTFE organised for Pratap to be assassinated. ("2:00pm-3:00pm")

Four years later, Pratap's son Aditya became Prime Minister, and a memorial was held in Sambhaji Park where Pratap was honoured by the remaining members of his family. ("5:00pm-6:00pm")

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